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Play "team sports" vs "individual sports"

Some people enjoy team sports while other people enjoy sports which are played individually. Which type do you think is best for children to participate in as they grow up in today's society?

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Suggested Answers:

1- I think that it is best for children to learn to play with others and so team sports are much better for kids to be involved in. With those sports they can see how to work with others in the future, not just in games at school

2- Individual sports greatly help children to learn how to develop their own abilities in the world. They learn to be more independent and work well when they face problems in their life.


1. What are the team-sports and individual-sports? Describe some examples.

2. What kind of sport did you do in childhood? Do you think it's a good experience for you?

3. What types of skills do you need to play both team-sports and individual-sports?

4. How do you improve those skills?

5. Do you think those skills are also helpful for your current job or future career?

6. Who are the most famous athletes in your country? Describe them. Why do you think they are such a famous?

7. What do you think "today's society" in the sentence mean? It might be school system, economical situation, social problem, or other reasons.